Southern California Youth Roller Hockey Organization
Southern California Youth Roller Hockey Organization
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Due to weather issues during last week's scheduled sign-up nights, we have extended the sign-up period and will be hosting one final night of sign-ups as follows:

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
6:15 - 7:15 pm:  All Divisions

Please contact staff immediately (see "Contact Us" section of the website), if you would like to register your child for the upcoming season, but cannot make sign-ups this Wednesday evening.  Thank you.


Sign-ups for the upcoming season are underway.  Our next sign-up dates/times will be as follows:

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Bronze Division/Beginning Skill Level (5 – 12 year olds):  6:30 – 7:30 pm
Silver Division/Intermediate Skill Level (10 – 15 year olds):  7:15 – 8:00 pm
Gold Division/Advanced Skill Level (13 – 17 year olds):  7:45 – 8:30 pm

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding registration and/or the league in general.


Congrats to the following teams for a fantastic Winter '10 Season:

Gold Division 
Champions:   Team Purple (Coach P.Sharples)
Finalists:Patrick Lavey Experience (Coach J.Bessey)
Scoring Leader:    Matt Moore (Team Purple)..........44 pts
Goaltending Leader:     Shawn Lothman (Team Purple).....3.500 GAA

Silver Division 
Champions:   Goombas (Coach D.Klyde)
Finalists:Heartbreakers (Coach T.Cox/B.Whitman/B.Trimper)
Scoring Leader:    Sam Bingham (Goombas)...........27 pts
Goaltending Leader:     J.P. Merrick (Heartbreakers)......2.125 GAA

Bronze Division 
Champions:   Surf's Up (Coach W.McLaughlin)
Finalists:No Mercy (Coach T.Hamar)
Scoring Leader:    Ryan Lothman (Evil Pink)...........29 pts
Goaltending Leader:     Christopher Kneeld (Evil Pink).....3.250 GAA

Final season standings/stats will be archived in their respective areas of the website, and the Hall of Fame section will be completed shortly.


Master schedule has been revised and both the Standings and Stats sections have been updated with the current season information.

As a good many of you are aware by now, Coach Robert Ricciardelli has left our coaching ranks after 8+ years of commitment/dedication to our our children.  After much consideration, Robert accepted a transfer with his employer and has relocated to Oregon. Below is an email Robert asked me to post on the website:

To my second family.
                               Sorry to say this,  but my time here at the rinks are finally over.  I'm going to miss everyone and specially the kids.  All the parents were great over the years.  Helping out with the teams getting their future hockey hall of famers to the game on time.  Watching them grow from not knowing how to skate in bronze to being the elite players in gold.  It was a fun ride that I will never forget. 
Special thanks to Terry Cox for allowing me to coach for so many years and keeping the league alive. Ed for all the score keeping, lights, nets, and just about everything that goes on at the rinks.  Oh yeah, and the complaining about the equipment.  Coaching for me was not about winning or losing.  It was about the kids.
To all the foot league players.  Thanks for the time we had together.  I enjoyed playing in net and also playing out for most of you. Keep on playing hard and I will see all of you in Vegas next year.
Thank you and good-bye.

We will miss you, Robert.......and wish you nothing but the best in this next chapter of your life.  Take care and know that your SoCal Family will always be here for you.

Master schedule for the winter season has been posted.  We've listed the coaches' names to make reading the schedule easier, but will be replacing the master schedule with team names shortly.  The very best of luck to everyone this season!!  We look forward to seeing you down at the rinks!!


Fall Season sign-ups will be held this Thursday (10/8), and on Tuesday (10/13) and Thursday (10/15) of next week.  Sign-up and evaluation times will be as follows:

  • Bronze Division = 6:30pm - 7:15pm
  • Silver Division = 7:00pm - 7:45pm
  • Gold Division = 7:30pm - 8:00pm

Please go to our registration section for further details.


Summer Season All-Star Games will be this Friday evening (10/9) at the following times:

  • Bronze Division = 6:30pm
  • Silver Division = 7:30pm
  • Gold Division = 8:30pm

Closing ceremonies will be this Saturday (10/10) at 9:30am, with our potluck BBQ starting at 11:00am.  Skills competition to take place after the BBQ.


Hockey is with great sadness that we announce that Hockey Central will be closing its doors during the first week of October.  Though Dave will still be maintaining the website ( to handle your hockey equipment needs, the state of the economy slowed business to the point that Dave has been forced to close his storefront.  Hockey Central is looking to liquidate all inventory and supplies/fixtures, and is currently offering a 30% discount on everything in the store.  If you are in need of equipment, I recommend that you swing by to see what they have in stock......and to say thank you for the years of quality service, assistance and friendship Dave has committed to our league.

As stated, will still be available to everyone (enter "SoCal" as a discount code), and we will still be working with Dave for jersey and raffle item order
in the future.  That said, we will be sad to see the storefront go......but wish Dave the very best of luck as he sets out to start a new chapter in his life.  The very best of luck, Dave!!!


Schedule, standings and stats for the current season have been updated (9-18-09) and posted.  We will be posting updates over the next several days as we prepare for the playoffs.

We will also be hosting Photo Nights this coming Monday and Tuesday.  Team schedules will be as follows:

Monday 9/28
5:45pm    Kings  (Sharples) - Silver
6:00pm    And Blue  (Klyde) - Silver
6:20pm    Fighting Irish  (Ricciardelli) - Silver
6:40pm    Heartbreakers  (Cox) - Silver
7:00pm    Pansies  (Sharples) - Gold

Tuesday 9/29
5:55pm    Heat  (McLaughlin) - Bronze
6:15pm    Soul Crushers  (Cox) - Bronze
6:35pm    Rocket Richard  (Hastings) - Gold
7:00pm    Knuckleheads  (Evans) - Gold)

Closing Cermonies will be hosted on Saturday, October 10th.


SoCal Street Hockey, Inc., our founder and primary sponsor, will be hosting the StreetLA street hockey tournament as part of Los Angeles Kings inaugural Hockey Fest on the weekend of August 28th-30th.  The tournament itself is a one-day event on August 29th, and will be played on two makeshift rinks constructed on Chick Hearn Court in front of Staples Center and LA Live.  Teams from SoCal Street Hockey, San Diego and San Francisco will be participating. 

The Hockey Fest itself is a 3-day event filled with exciting activities that will be exciting for any hockey hockey fan (i.e. release of EA Sports NHL 2010, video game tournament, guest speakers, reunion of the Triple Crown Line, live music, interactive games, etc).  It will be a fun event for the whole family.

Tickets for the 3-day event are $60, with a 1-day pass on Saturday the 29th costing just $17.  This will be providing great exposure for SoCal Street Hockey, which will only benefit and provide exposure for SCYRHO in the process. 

We welcome you to come down to support SoCal Street Hockey.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets for the event, please contact Chris Crotty at or via telephone at 310.535.4461.  Mention that you are there to support SoCal Street Hockey if/when you call.  It's going to be a great weekend of hockey fun, and an "interesting" tournament experience on Saturday.

In other news, SoCal Street Hockey received a nice plug on the Pauly D Radio Program during the 8-17-09 episode.  Member of SoCal Street Hockey was featured as a guest on the program (approximately 30-40 minutes into the program).  This is a sports blog radio program that has been turning more and more of its attention to recreational hockey (street/ball hockey).  News about SoCal Street Hockey also provides great exposure for SCYRHO.


Game schedule for the Summer '09 Season has been posted.  Good luck to all teams participating this season!!!


Welcome to the new SCYRHO website. 

Most areas have been updated with current content, with archived information (i.e. Gallery & Hall of Fame sections) to be completed in the coming weeks.  The website will be updated regularly, so please feel free to check in frequently for the latest and greatest here at SCYRHO.

We have also launched a Facebook group at S.C.Y.R.H.O.  Hope to see you there!